how to break every record in the book without cheats

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how to break every record in the book without cheats

Postby m4816k » 22 Nov 2005, 18:42

It's not mission impossible. As mentioned earlier I'm playing TE97 and in 5 seasons that I've played, I won;
- Wimbledon 3 times
- French 4 times
- US 4 times
- Masters 4 times
- Australian 3 times
- Team cup once
- over 60 individual titles in total
- all on the toughest (incredible) level.
Secret: acceleration. Hit acceleration with every stroke (key1+key2) and practice your reflexes so that you become comfortable playing at that speed. Also try to memorize patterns by which computer is playing (he reacts certain way in certain situations). But doing just that isn't exactly enough - you need to be careful when choosing tournaments, especially in the begining. I started off playing only challengers (skiping team cup), until I won the first one and got in the top 150 or so. Then I started playing low-rank tournaments, and did so until I got to about top 100. After getting to top 50 I started with the biggest tournaments like championship series and grand slams. I was in top 20 before my first French, so I was seeded there. I got in top 10 by Wimbledon and was seeded no#1 at Masters the same year. In the following years I played only Championship tournaments, Slams, Team cup and Masters (like any real no#1...). However, I have to issue a WARNING!!! After wining all that, getting several dozens of individual wins in a row and braking a 7000 ranking points mark, the game becomes...boring. I mean I was beating top 5 players with results such as 6:0, 6:1 almost on regular basis. Therefore I recommend doing what I do at the moment - I've quit that game, started a new one where I'm playing every week, regardless of what category of tournament I have to play. I'm still playing mostly smaller tournaments (although I did play in 2 champ. series, getting to 3rd round in each) and I won two of those. 3 weeks before the French I'm no#40 and I won the first round of team cup. It's way more interesting to play like that, when you have to play every week and loose in earlier stages from time to time, rather than becoming "unbeatable". Well, have fun!

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