Dispaly Init Error! - Help Me!

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Dispaly Init Error! - Help Me!

Postby todanrg3 » 10 Nov 2005, 12:54

I have downloaded the demo version of the game(Tennis Elbow 2005 1.0), and when i try to start, the game shows an error message: "Could not initialize Display. Check the video driver version". :!: I have a bit old video card(S3 trio 3D) with the latest driver, but there was no problem with the 2004 version of the game. I use Windows XP.
Please answer me, how can i resolve the problem(if i can!).

Sorry for my bad english, it is not my native language. Thanks!
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Postby manutoo » 11 Nov 2005, 07:15


your english is ok, I can understand you... :)

First, it's normal that TE2004 and TE2005 don't react in same way : TE2004 is pure 2D, and TE2005 uses 3D acceleration to draw sprites.

I guess the driver of your S3 is not compatible with DirectX 8.1 . You should check about that.
Maybe you could try to install DX 8.1, but I doubt it'll change something. You can download it from here :
http://www.microsoft.com/windows/direct ... downloads/

Is the "S3 trio 3D" based on 3DFX Voodoo chipset ..?
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Postby Guest » 11 Nov 2005, 17:15

Thank you for the answer! I don't no if the video card is Vodoo chipset based, but i don't think so.

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