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Report "James Blake"

Postby Guest » 14 Oct 2008, 01:19

Hi guys,

I just had a game with "James Blake" (James Blake/tsonga,, USA, Demo, rank 46).

He is currently insulting me online during our game (TE06)! With many childish talks and faking things up, he is stalling the game after I broke him at 5-3 by continuously switching among the replay, chat, and menus.

In sum, I would like to report James Blake for 1) insulting me and my family, 2) delaying the game from ending, 3) provoking me by using extreme words, etc.

With these intolerable behaviors, he absolutely doesn't qualify for play a single tournament game and should (at least in Madrid) be immediately disqualified because he pushed way over the line and violated too many community guidelines.


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