TE 2005: Editing New Courts

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TE 2005: Editing New Courts

Postby Stefan » 21 Sep 2005, 14:10

Tennis Elbow 2005:
Thanx, I received the key.txt and all works well!
But Ive got problems in adding and editing courts. After exporting data/court01 (using Qped), its impossible to open the court.jpeg with MS Paint or PictureIt; Im just able to open the .bmp-files.???
So I try to copy (as you wrote at HOW TO MOD) everything to data/court07, but since there is no copy-function at Qped, I clic „Import File“ – so I got the court01-files in court07.
All looks right but after saving and starting the game, it waves goodbye if I choose the new court 7, reporting Bug#531. (the icon-tga appears well)
Could you please give a detailed clic-by-clic manual to that issue?
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PS: what about different camera ancles? Its possible in 2D: look at Roland Garros 97 :?:
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Postby manutoo » 26 Sep 2005, 13:12


court.jpg in Data/Court01 should be editable by any program that can open .jpg/.jpeg files.
You don't have to import the files in the .Pak to see them in the game, just put them in subdirectory Data\Court07 .

You got error #531 because it didn't find the court, I guess something got wrong wiht the importation.
Just try to use subdirectory. If something gets wrong, look for error/warning message in the System.log file.

PS: RG97 has 3D players & empires... ;)
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