Ball placement with keyboard improvement sought

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Ball placement with keyboard improvement sought

Postby CC » 17 Sep 2008, 16:15


It TE2009, it is very easy (maybe too easy) for me to angle the ball to either side. In TE2006, I play with the same keyboard and everything else, and I can barely get the strike over enough to hit the sidelines when I am not directly inline with them. Is there something in TE2006 that I can do (maybe an edit in a file?) to be able to better place the ball? I really like TE2006, and most of my time is spent playing it; I would love to be able to strike the ball using the keyboard in TE2006 as I can with the controller or as I can strike the ball with the keyboard in TE2009. I have tried the basic things, such as making sure that I am in position very early and holding the direction for a second or two before I make contact with the ball, but this is not the issue. I really can't get any more preparation time than what I am getting, and yet the placement is not enough.

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Postby manutoo » 14 Oct 2008, 05:47


it looks like I completely forgot to answer this message...

The answer is no, and that's what one of the reasons I had to do TE2009... ;)
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