How to overcome a weak shot

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How to overcome a weak shot

Postby Guest III » 17 Aug 2005, 10:31

I have noticed when in a rally, if I don't get a clean hit on a ball, the shot goes over the net quite soft and weak. Even if I have plenty time to recover for the next shot, regardless of what keys I press, I cannot get a regular - hard shot back in play.

My shots remain powder-puff-weak and I have to concede the point. Very annoying when one has a break point or match point.

Any suggestions on how to recover power?
Guest III

Postby manutoo » 17 Aug 2005, 13:05


I guess you reached the limit of accelerations per point.

Form the doc :

- The more the percentage in "Form" is high, the more:
* [...]
* the player can do:

Form percentage = Accelerations + Aggressive Lob
from 0% to 20% = 2
from 21% to 41% = 3
from 42% to 62% = 4
from 63% to 83% = 5
from 84% to 100% = 6

Morever, you have bonus depending of your play style; for example, if you choose Puncher, you'll get 2 extra accelerations.

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