A Question About World Tour Mode

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A Question About World Tour Mode

Postby Guest » 13 Jul 2008, 01:04

Hello. First i just wanted to say that i think this game is phenomenal and to date the best tennis sim i have ever played.

I just had a question about world tour mode: How exactly do wild cards into tournaments work? I have two careers going, the first I had all skill percentages (forehand, backhand, form, etc.) set to around 80 to start out. When I started playing tournaments, I never had to qualify, I could get a wild card into any tournament I wanted. In the second, I thought I would challenge myself a little more and set my skills much lower, and now I have to qualify even for the futures, which is fine with me because this seems more realistic. So do wild cards have something to do with your skill level?

Postby manutoo » 13 Jul 2008, 08:41


this depends of the difficulty level you choose when you start a new game ; by default, Beginner & Club don't have to qualify, and levels above have to qualify.

You can also select this behavior by yourself, if you turn the "Advanced Options" on in the "Misc Options'" menu before to start a new game...
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