If we buy it will we get updated rosters ???

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If we buy it will we get updated rosters ???

Postby vinuatlast » 02 Aug 2005, 06:18

First of all congratulations to Manatoo..The best tennis management cum simulation game ever made...the wide variety of tournaments , the player daabase , all court types and game play is quite astounding ...too bad the demo doesnt last long enuff....I too am into programming but this is some good stuff..Thank u for taking all the trouble for making such a great game for tennis freaks like me...
I have few questions ..
1.I mean will u be posting updated rosters ie:,
2.will u let modding to be legal ...as such changing the sprites , the adboards and stufff...
3,how can we change the court types...for a change i tried changing the adborads,the logo...and i tried to view the court types using pakviewer ..but for court 2,3,4 it is unable to view the jpg files using photoshop or other graphc editing software...
4..how do u change the surface mat..colour...ie..i saw a purple one in the preview .images...can we change it into blue?
Can u post a topic on modding the graphic aspect..ie in game graphics...

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Postby manutoo » 03 Aug 2005, 07:09


thanks for the good comment.

2.) About the Mods, basically, they're not legal on the demo version, but they are on the full version.

3.) About the courts, you can change the .jpg files, but you cannot simply mod the existing court, except the clay one.

4.) It's possible, but not too easy, but if u know how to use Photoshop (or any similar program), it wouldn't be too long... But as I said just before, u cannot directly access these files

I'm not sure what to explain about how to change graphics.
Just take the files, modify them in the way you want, and put them back in the .pak file, or put them in the good subdirectory, within the windows explorer...

I just added this to "HowToMod.html" :
"/!\ Important: the directories in the .Pak file are relative to the Tennis Elbow 2005 root directory, not from the Data subdirectory. Ie: if you want to export the Menu directory, it should be to : "[TE2005 Dir]\Menu", not "[TE2005 Dir]\Data\Menu"."

If u have any more question, I'm there ... ;)
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