Editing points?

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Editing points?

Postby Guest » 31 Jul 2005, 20:23


Just tried this game and its great. 8) simple yet cool. to bad 1 cant save games.

is it possible to edit the number of points u win (points that increase skills)
after u win a game, so you can add more on the training skill?

and is there a way to play hard, with all your skills??

Thanks in advance.

Postby manutoo » 01 Aug 2005, 04:01


I'm not sure to understand well your questions, but here we go ! :)

So no, there's no way to edit the number of training points you earn. This number depends of the difficulty setting.

And no, it's not possible to raise all your skills to 100% when you play in hard mode. At best, you should be able to raise all your skills around 65%, I guess...
So you'll have to make choices, and lower some skills to make other ones more high.


PS: if you want to save games, you just have to buy the game ! ;-)
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