Using profiles and character properties

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Using profiles and character properties

Postby Christopher » 09 Apr 2008, 00:26


The character settings don't seem to be tied to the profiles. For example, the default characters are Player 1, Player 2, Player 3, and Player 4. In order to modify the traits of the character that I play with, I modified Player 1, renaming it and defining various skills. I also created a profile, which seems to be used to save display, audio, controller, and maybe other properties. However, the profile does not seem to be associated to any selection of characters. So, are there just four characters which can be edited?

Also, what happens if you want to configure several characters as human characters but still want to leave a CPU character that you can practice with? Do you leave Player 2 unchanged and modify Player 3 and Player 4, in addition to Player 1?
What if you want to play online with a different character, specifically a different ranking? I just have the demo right now, and I suppose that my ELO started at 1000, but I am not sure. There were some problems with some connections and such, and some games had to be dropped. Also, many times, the demo timed out and I lost the match as a result, so I guess my ELO went down. So, I would like to have the option to play with another character that has a new ELO, but I can't seem to do this. I can change my character's name, change the name I play with online, or choose another profile, but this does not seem to affect the ELO. Also, if I want to play with a character other than the "Player 1" that I modified, I don't know how to do this. So, it seems that there is only one character that I can actually control. But I am probably misunderstanding something.
Finally, I have two computers that I play with online. Of course, each character from each computer has its own ELO, even though I use the same name online and the same attributes. These computers are on a network. Is there any way to tie these together so that I can have one universal character that I can play with online?
I've read the full documentation, but I think that more explanation of how to use the profiles and the character selections, such as how, when, and why to save and load character selections, would be helpful. Is there any more of a reference for these things?

Thank you,


Postby manutoo » 09 Apr 2008, 07:54

Hello Christopher,

in the "Training Club" -> "Character Sheet", basically :
- 1st player = your player
- 2nd player = your opponent
- 3rd player = your partner in doubles
- 4th player = your opponent's partner
(although, as you can change the CPU/Human control of any player, you can decide to control any player you want)

when you change the profile from within the game, the players of the Training Club aren't reloaded, thus the players of the previous profile are still used in the new profile. If you load the profile with the Configuration tool, before to launch the game, they are not overwritten.

You can manually save & load your customized players using the "Save" & "Load" buttons. These saved players are profile dependent.

About ELO, there's only 1 ELO per computer, so it's a bit less easy to cheat the ELO score.

In a far future, I'll probably tie the ELO to an online account available from any computer.

If you really want to restart at 1000, you have to completely uninstall & re-install the game.

When you play Online, you use your player, ie the 1st player in the "Character Sheets" of the "Training Club".
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