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Postby Chuzchy » 07 May 2004, 19:01

Ok, I have a question :D

What's the difference between this game and the old tennis elbow from goto (I think...)?. 'Cos I have the old one and I've downloaded this demo and it seems pretty much the same to me

Thanks in advance, and greetings from Argentina!!! :)

Postby manutoo » 08 May 2004, 01:46


TE 2004 doesn't have major differences with the former one from Goto.
Essentially, here the changes :
- the tournaments have been updated to the 2004 season
- a few bug fixes
- the game is 100% windows now (no more hidden DOS program), so it runs on WinXP
- if you have a version older than 1.24, then there's also some improvements on the AI, especially at net.

So if you don't have trouble with your current version, there's no big reason to buy this new one.
So keep your money to buy BALLOONrain ... ;) (which should be out very soon, now)
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