Turning where the ball will land off?

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Turning where the ball will land off?

Postby Chamberlain » 13 Jul 2005, 22:08

I was playing computer vs computer with the trial version, and I was wondering if there is a way to turn off the indicator mark of where the ball is going to land?

Postby manutoo » 13 Jul 2005, 22:18

if the computers are in medium, hard or incredible skill, the preview of the next ball landing will be off.
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Postby Guest » 15 Jul 2005, 08:59


However, it does not work. You will have to fix that. :(

Also, I purchased the full version of this game to test out the new World's Tour feature (especially, I want to test out the doubles). However, you did not send me the key.txt file yet. When will I get that file?

Will I be able to play the double's tour with a human player?

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Postby Chamberlain » 15 Jul 2005, 14:03

I did not write a response some other guest has.

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