Stupid Question from a New Player

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Stupid Question from a New Player

Postby MeMe » 13 Feb 2008, 19:45


I just found this board and have a few questions about the game.

1- First of all, is Tennis Elbow 2006 the latest version? (I downloaded the demo last night and became instantly hooked - great game! I just wanted to make sure I am playing the right one).

2- If there is a message board, why could I not find anyone to play with online? What did I do wrong? I thought that feature was available with the demo.

3- When I played against the CPU, I could never hit the ball past him...ever. Am I doing something wrong there? The only way I could win a point was to force him into an error. (I did manage to serve a few aces though).

Any other tips or suggestions for an eager new player? Thanks! :wink:

Postby manutoo » 14 Feb 2008, 07:42


1- yes, it is. There was no TE2007, and hopefully it'll have a TE2008 before the end of the year ! ;)

2- depending of the time, it may have almost no one online, or a good bunch of players.
When there's almost no one, you should create a game, be sure to pass the connection test, and wait patient a few minutes (up to 10~15 min at worst, usually). In good moments, in less than 2 min, you'll have someone to join your game..

3- read the tips here :
== Mana Games ==

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