Suggestion for TE2008--courts

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Suggestion for TE2008--courts

Postby Guest » 14 Jan 2008, 04:07

I think it would be cool to have more court surfaces. Like the old US open court and the old and new Australian open courts. And maybe slow and fast grass courts, etc. Just throwing around some suggestions.
And maybe have a drop down menu or something to choose the court if there are many of them instead of going thru them one by one.

Postby Guest » 28 Jan 2008, 01:34

My ideas:

Option to practise just serving in the practise menu?
Could practise count towards your form points?
Ability to hit a well angled winner (i.e the shot lands further inside the baseline but still with a winning angle)?
Possible bug - when I save a match and then re-open it later, I never seem able to use the accelerated serve for the first serve on the first point?
More stats such as head-to-head details?
Wider viewing angle? I'm often out wide and not able to see myself!
Maybe an increase in the number of acclerations, possibly earned through practise?

Great game, looking forward to TE 2008!

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