How to configure player level

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How to configure player level

Postby Felipe » 26 Apr 2004, 22:54

Hi there,

First of all, thanks for this lovely game. I'm a tennis fan and player and
I really enjoy every time I play tennis elbow.

Now the question. How can I configure the player levels ? I've tried
everything but either the players become to easy to defeat or imposible
to defeat. I've read the documentation but it's not quite clear about
the player configurations. May be I'm wrong. I just want to play a
worldtour and I don't know why at the beginning your skills profile
is set to 10%. With that low % it's impossible to defeat anyone.

I'll wait for help.

Thanks and regards from Chile,

The land of Marcelo Rios, Fernando Gonzales and Nicolas Massu.
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Postby manutoo » 27 Apr 2004, 12:12

Hello Felipe,

1st of all, even when u start with 10% in all ur stats, u still have 70 more points to distribute, and u can freely redistribute all the points from and to any stat.

So I guess u tried the "hard" skill coz it was too easy in "medium" skill, right ?
So in "hard" skill, the real things begin ! :wink:
This is the skill intended to be play by real good players, and I'm sure u are ..! :)
So, when u start in "hard", u have to do challenger tournaments, till u can win a few matches, then u'll get a few training points that will allow u to raise ur stats (most important are : form, fore hand or backhand, then service), then after u could go in better tournament and beat stronger opponents ..!

About Chile, Marcelo Rios was my favourite player since 7 years, so bad he had to stop his career coz of his back injury ... :(
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