effect of ranking on CPU player performance

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effect of ranking on CPU player performance

Postby Guest » 01 Jan 2008, 05:06


I'm really enjoying the World Tour mode, congrats once again! :D I have however two questions on the CPU players if that's ok:

- Do the CPU players ever progress/regress in skill or do their skills always remain static no matter what?

- Does a CPU player's current entry ranking (or maybe other factors such as current form) have any impact on a CPU player's performance during a match? E.g. if CPU Player X had fixed skills would it make any difference if he was at that moment ranked 250 as opposed to 140?

Thanks in advance!

Postby manutoo » 01 Jan 2008, 17:57


1- the CPU players' skills are static

2- no, the current entry has no impact on the strength ; the base ranking has a little impact, though (the one you can set from the player editor)
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