2005 IS HARDER THAN 2004?

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2005 IS HARDER THAN 2004?

Postby GBILLYJNR » 06 Jul 2005, 17:27

it seems that the 2005 versuion is much harder then 2004,i am very new to TE and i play on the easiest setting and won most of my matches on 2004,but now on 2005 if i play a player in the top 130 i lose ive only won 3 matches and they were really close(7-5)in early round of crap tourneys i dont even bother entering grand slams,great game but is there any reason the top 130 are destroying me out there im like henman vs federer all over again!!!

thanks in advance.

Postby manutoo » 06 Jul 2005, 21:04


thanks to point this out : it was a bug ! :)

The players were always in Medium Skill, whatever setting you chose when creating your game...

It's corrected and it'll be ok in the final version. You should be able to beat the "Very Easy" mode without too much difficulty ! 8)

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