configuration [and window mode, in TE2005 beta]

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configuration [and window mode, in TE2005 beta]

Postby Guest » 05 Jul 2005, 10:42

Hello, first of all: congratulations with the new game! Its very fun and I know I will get addicted to it. It is the game I was looking for because it is very realistic!:D
I just have a little problem: my computer is very old and the videocard doesn't allow to run the windowed mode. In TE2004 it was easy to change that to the full-screen mode in controlers config. But when I tried to change it in TE2005 (start-programs-TE2005-configuration) my computer can't find config.exe. So for the moment I can't run TE2005 because I can only run TE in full-screen-mode and I don't know how to change the configuration from windowed- to full-screen mode.

Postby manutoo » 05 Jul 2005, 11:08


yes, the Config.exe is missing in the Beta.
But you still can set the engine to fullscreen! :)

To do so, go to your TE2005 directory, then open the Tennis.ini with the Notepad.
There, change the line from:
Window = 1
Window = 0

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