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I. Introduction
II. The Shareware
III. Menus
IV. Network (not available on Mac OSX)
V. Game

VI. Tournament mode

VII. Conclusion


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 I. Introduction 

Tennis Elbow is a 2d tennis game, supporting multi-resolutions, with a realistic fun gameplay.
To configure the controllers and the resolution, run "Configuration".

Minimum system requirements on Windows :

Recommended system requirements on Windows :

Minimum system requirements on Mac OSX :

Recommended system requirements on Mac OSX :






 II. The Shareware 

Tennis Elbow is a game published in shareware. You can play it and test it before to order it, but you have these limitations:

Moreover, after 14 days, only the warm up and online mode will be available, and if you want to play matches and get access to the full verison's features, you will have to register your version to enjoy the totality of the game. Once paid (by check, paypal, credit card, etc...), a key (a small file) will be sent to you by email, allowing you to unblock the game.

Order the full version now!

You can have a copy of this version on your hard drive or removable media for test only. You can't sell this version, but you can copy it freely to everybody, as long as you don't modify it.

If you regularly use this version, you should pay the authors to encourage them to continue to do quality products.


 III. Menus 

In the menus:

You control the little rotating ball with the controller you chose (Joystick/Keyboard/Mouse); bring the ball on any icon and click on the button 1 to activate the icon; when the ball is on an icon, its description appears in the bottom box.

Default icons:

In many menus, you will have a bar of icon on the right side. These icons give you access to the configuration menus about profiles, controls, sound, video, and misc options.

"Main" menu:

"Training Club" menu:

"Character" menu:

"World Tour" menu:


 IV. Network 
(not available on Mac OSX)

/!\ Important :

"Network" menu:

"Host game" menu:

"Join game" menu:

"Internet Games" menu:

Game creation :

Once you created a game, and waiting for a player to join, you can swap to another application. Tennis Elbow will play a warning sound as soon as a player joins your game.

On the next screen, you have to set the "lag". If you're not sure how to choose it, set it to "Auto", wait 10 or 15 seconds, then click on "Play".

The lag is the latency time that Tennis Elbow adds between the time you move your player, and the time this information is processed. This allows to keep both PCs synchronized.
To have the game running at a normal speed, the lag must be at least half of the ping. For example, if you usually have a maximum ping of 100ms with your opponent, then you must set the lag at 50ms or more.

Join a game :

When you join a game, you just have to wait for the host to set the lag and launch the game. To know the lag set by the host, you can press F4 during the game to see the match statistics : the lag is shown on the bottom right.

During the game :

ELO Penalty :

If you quit a match after 2 games or more have been played, you'll get a penalty to your ELO score equals to 3% of it ; ie: if you have a ELO of 1000, you'll lose 30 points.

But if you quit a match when your opponent is away since more than 1 min, you won't get any Penalty. Away means :

If your opponent opened the chat, and you don't want to chat, simply press the "Pause" key or the "Esc" key.

Name protection :

The users who purchased the full version of the game have their online nickname protected. If someone else tries to use their nickname, it'll be prefixed by "[Fake] ".

 V. Game 

Available strikes:
(b1 = button n°1; b2 = button n°2)

Up and down are inverted when your player is on the top of screen.

By default "b1" is  the Left Alt key, and "b2" is the Left Ctrl key.

You have a limited number of accelerations per point, which depends of your form percentage. Once you used them all, you'll only do a weak shot when you try to do an acceleration.

How to play ?

Moves and shots:

When you press no button, push the joystick (or the arrow keys) in the direction you want to run.
When you press the buttons, your player moves slowly to the ideal position, and the more you push the Joystick on the left (or the right), the more the ball will go to the left (or the right).
==>> You must keep the button(s) pressed when you hit the ball <<==
When you don't give any special direction, the ball goes to the center of the opposite side.
At the net, when the ball is too far away of your player, press the button to make him jump toward the ball.


The service is executed with the same method than the other shots, with a slight difference: whatever the buttons combination, a push-up causes a slice and a push-down causes a top spin. You can move your player to the left or to the right to find a special angle for your service. The faster the ball leaves your racket, the bigger your imprecision will be:
- at 175 km/h: the imprecision is negligible
- at 195 km/h: the imprecision is of 15 cm
- at 215 km/h: the imprecision is of 30 cm


The player 1's score is written in the upper slots of the score blackboard, and the player 2's score is written in the bottom slots. If the little ball is in the upper slot, then it's the player 1 who serves, else it's the player 2.

Ball Trace:

If in the character sheet "Preview" is set to "Service" or "All", then during the service, the ball's impact mark is shown early to help you.
If "Preview" is set to "All", then during rallies, the ball's impact mark is shown early to help you.

Keyboard shortcuts:

Characteristics' Influence:

- Forehand, Backhand, Forehand Volley, Backhand Volley and Smash:

     .more the player has a high percentage, more he strikes strongly

- Service:

Max speed
150 km/h
150 km/h
175 km/h
175 km/h
175 km/h
120 km/h
126 km/h
132 km/h
138 km/h

145 km/h

165 km/h

165 km/h

190 km/h
190 km/h
215 km/h


- The more the percentage in "Form" is high, the more:

Form percentage
Aggressive Lob
from 0% to 20%
from 21% to 41%
from 42% to 62%
from 63% to 83%
from 84% to 100%


- Player style:

- Skill & Preview

Statistics screen:

This screen shows the shots strength of a player, and the number of stroked balls, the number of balls in, and his success percentage; there're also the number of aces, the double faults, and the run distance.
The player ranking appears only in tournament mode.
If you look at this screen during a warm-up or a match, the statistics displayed concern only the current game; if you access it by the player menu, the statistics are for the whole player career.


During a double, the player n°1 will be with the player n°3, and the player n°2 will be with the player n°4.


 VI. Tournament mode 



Before each tournament, the Training screen will pop up; this screen allows you to distribute the training points you won during your previous matches; for each available day between 2 tournaments, you can redistribute 6 training points.
For each match won, you earn about 10 training points; for each match lost, you earn 25 training points, because defeats teach more than victories..!
But take care, every week, you lose a few points in your characteristics: if you don't practise, you'll regress inexorably. The higher a characteristic is, the faster it'll drop.

Note : if you win a tournament, it's always on sunday. And if you start a new tournament the following week, usually it'll be on monday : you won't have any free day for training, so that's why you'll see 0 training point available in the training screen. But you always can see how much training points you have in the character menu.

Default number of sets:

  Beginner & Club Junior & Pro Master & Incredible
Tournament type Normal Rounds / Final
Qualifications Off 1 2
Challenger 1/1 1/2 1/2
Int'l Series 1/1 1/2 2/2
Master Series 1/2 2/3 2/3
Grand Slam 2/3 3/3 3/3

If you activate the advanced options (within the "Misc Options" menus), a screen will appear when you create a new game, letting you set the number of sets as you wish.

The Masters:

You'll automatically participate in Masters if you are in the 8 best players when this tournament begins, or if you won a Grand Slam tournament. If not, you won't play it.
Its planning is a bit special. There are 2 groups of 4 players, and every player plays 3 matches. The 2 best players of each group will play semifinals, afterwards the 2 semifinal winners will meet in final.

Change the World Tour's players:

Activate the advanced options (within the "Misc Options" menus), then go to the Character Sheet of the World Tour. There, click on the icon with an atom on it. So you'll access the menu to edit the players of the Competition mode, in the same way you edit your own player.


 VII. Conclusion 

Have fun with Tennis Elbow 2006 !


- Code, Design, Sound, Menus: ManuTOO
- Graphic art: Eric Rivoire

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