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Play Tennis Game Online
(only for Windows PC)


Online Browser Version Discountinued... Please download the Free Demo instead...


  1. To play, you'll need to accept the installation of a little plug-in (igLoader) that allows the game to load and run : to do so just click on "Ok" or "Yes", when your browser asks you about it
  2. If you don't have DirectX 8.1 (or later) on your computer, you have to install it first (DX8.1 is already installed with Windows XP)
  3. Load this page
  4. You are in the Main Menu
  5. Click on the up left icon (the big yellow ball) with the mouse, or select the icon with the arrow keys and hit "Alt" key on the icon
  6. You are in the "Training Club" Menu
  7. Click on the upper icon (player legs with "Play!")
  8. Click on the up left icon : "warm-up"
  9. You're on the court, in warm-up mode
  10. Move your player with the arrow keys
  11. You strike the ball when "Alt", "Ctrl", or "Alt"+"Ctrl" keys are hold down.
    ==>> You must maintain the button(s) pressed when you strike the ball <<==
    If you don't press down any key, you'll strike weakly the ball.
    When you hold down "Alt" or/and "Ctrl", you can give a direction to your shot:
    • push left arrow to send the ball to the left: the more time, the more to the left.
    • push right arrow to send the ball to the right: the more time, the more to the right.
  12. When you hold down "Alt" and "Ctrl" at the same time, you strongly hit the ball: it's a super shot! But be careful, you can do only a limited number of accelerations per point. After that, you'll hit weakly the ball when you try to do one.
  13. When you can move and strike the ball, you are ready for a match!
  14. Press 'Esc', then choose "Leave Court" to come back to the menus
  15. Click on the "Play" icon (the upper one)
  16. Click on the up right icon : "match"
  17. You are in the game
  18. Return your opponent's service, or serve
  19. Hold down "Alt", "Ctrl", or "Alt"+"Ctrl" keys during all the serving phase
  20. Try to win the set!
  21. If you wish, read the complete documentation


  • "Alt" and "Ctrl" keys are the left ones
  • you can change the default keys, or use joystick; for that, go to the "Controls" menu, available on the right side bar, present in most menus

All available strikes
(b1 = Left Alt; b2 = Left Ctrl)

  • b1 = normal strike
  • b2 = safe strike
  • b1+b2 = acceleration
  • b1 + up = short ball
  • b2 + up = slice
  • b1 + down = top spin
  • b2 + down = defensive lob
  • b1+b2+up = drop shot
  • b1+b2+down = aggressive lob

Up and down are inverted when you control the player who is on the top of the screen.

Tennis game - Free demo download