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I. Introduction
II. The Shareware
III. Menus
IV. Game
V. Conclusion
VI. Order full version


 I. Introduction 

BALLOONrain is a puzzle game with a powerful 3D engine to offer you a wonderful challenge. Its concept is new and innovative; you never played such a game!

With its various game modes and difficulty settings, you will play like you prefer : in a fast paced action, or with all the time you need to relax and think.

Minimum system requirements :

Recommended system requirements :

The game has been tested successfully on these 3d video cards :

The game can run, but with a few glitches on these cards :

Characteristics :

 II. The Shareware 

BALLOONrain is a game sold in shareware. So you can play it and test it before to buy it, but you have these limitations :

Moreover, after 14 days, the game will not start anymore, and if you still want to play it, you will have to register your version, so you could enjoy the totality of the game. Once paid (by check, paypal, credit card, etc...), a key (a small file) will be sent to you by email, allowing you to unblock your game.

Order the full version now!

You can have a copy of this version on your hard drive or removable media for test only. You can't sell this version, but you can copy it freely to everybody, as long as you don't modify it.

If you regularly use this version, you should pay the authors to encourage them to continue to do quality products.


 III. Menus 

In the menus :

You can use the mouse, or the arrow keys and enter, to select any submenu or option. Click on "Back", to come back to the previous menu.

In some menus, when you change an option, a "Apply" button will appear. You have to click on it to validate your changes; if you just click on "Back", then it won't apply these changes.

Main menu :

"New game" menu :

Here you can choose which game mode you want to play, or do the tutorial.
Each game mode menu will let you choose the level or the zone to play, and contains an "Instructions" submenu that will explain you the basics of mode. When you're ready, just click on "Play", it'll bring you in the difficulty menu.

"Difficulty" menu :

Once you clicked on the difficulty you wanted, you're thrown in action !

"Options" menu :

"Profile" menu :

In this menu, you can choose a profile, or create a new one. Each profile contains its own settings (controls, game, video, etc...), and its own statistics. Only the hi-scores are shared through all the profiles.

"Controls" menu :

Here, you can choose if you want to play with the mouse, the keyboard or your joystick. To configure each action, just click on the current button/key, and then press the new button/key you want.
2 players can play on the keyboard.

"Video" menu :

Basic Options :

Advanced Options (only for experienced users) :

"Game" menu :


 IV. Game 

How to play ?

The best to be initiated to the basics of the gameplay is to play the tutorial. There, step by step, you will discover everything you need to get in the game.

Puzzle :

In Puzzle mode, you have to assemble balloons of the same colors, 4 by 4. Once the Arena is empty, you will move to the next one.
Each Zone contains 5 Arenas. But in Kiddy difficulty, you will move to next Zone after have completed the 3 first Arenas, and in Trainee difficulty, you will have to complete the 4 first Arenas to move to next Zone.

Survivor :

In Survivor mode, you have to try to survive the longest time possible. You can do different combinations to score :

Challenge :

In Challenge mode, you have to do a certain number of determined combinations. They will appear from time to time on the top left of the screen. Else, the rules are the same than in Survivor mode. You can do the same kind of combinations to score.

Ghosted :

In Ghosted mode, you will play like in puzzle mode, except the arenas are usually bigger, and in each level, one or several ghosts will haunt you. You can do the same combinations than in the Survivor mode. It's a very stimulating mode.

Bonuses :

In Survivor and in Challenge, every now and then, bonus will appear. Each one has different effects :


Time bonus :

In Survivor mode, you'll get a bonus depending of the time you can survive. That's why even if you do nothing, you can see your score raising slowly. Actually, the time bonus raises slowly at the beginning, and a lot faster after 10 min of game.

Scores & difficulty :

The scores are consistent all along the difficulty levels. It means the higher the difficulty, the higher the score you can do.
But in higher difficulty, if you don't play fast enough, you'll lose very quickly.

Music :

You can listen your own music in the game, in any format supported on your computer (ie: mp3, ogg, wma, etc...), by placing your own music files in the subdirectory "Music". The game will choose randomly which music to play at each game start. You can add your own music for menus in "Music\Menu" and for the in-game menus in "Music\Menu_Ingame".


 V. Conclusion 

Credits :

Last word :

We worked very hard during 2 years to bring this game to you. So we really wish you to have fun with BALLOONrain ! :-)






Copyright Emmanuel Rivoire - ©2004