Doubles Bugs

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Doubles Bugs

Postby Sean » 04 Aug 2010, 20:32

Hey, I have two problems with the playing doubles in the latest version of the game.

Firstly, I'm not able to withdraw from any doubles tournaments. It says it's too late to withdraw from this week, even though it's months in advance.

Secondly, when two of the players I coach are playing doubles together and have to qualify for the next week's event, if one of my players is still in the singles draw of the competition the week before he somehow manages to play in two places at once. Unfortunately, he then gets stuck in the country of the original tournament and can't return to the training centre. This sorts itself out the next time he's due to fly to a tournament, but it terribly annoying if you've scheduled a training break.

Any ideas how I can fix this?

Re: Doubles Bugs

Postby manutoo » 05 Aug 2010, 04:56


1- this happened to another user, but unfortunately, the bug didn't occur on my PC when he sent me his saved games

2- if you have a saved game the week before your player plays in 2 places in 1 week (which can be normal, if he has time to travel from 1 place to another after his loss), you can send it to the email address you got your License Key from.

By default, saved games are in :
- "C:\Program Files\Tennis Elbow Manager\Profiles\Default\", if you play with men
- "C:\Program Files\Tennis Elbow Manager\Profiles\Default\Wta\", if you play with women
compress them in .zip or .rar file (to reduce the size).
If you created a Custom Profile, replace "Default" by the name of your profile.
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