excessive free hours given

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excessive free hours given

Postby Curtis » 18 Mar 2013, 01:55

I didn't stop the game to copy my saved games, because this 'bug' was favorable to my player.

Twice early in a new career Emily made it into the main draw of singles tournaments (France 1 and Spain 1), then lost in the first round. In each case she was taken on a plane to the qualies for the succeeding singles tournament (France 2 and Spain 2). Each time she was allowed 48 hours to rest, practice, spar between the end of the first round main draw and the beginning of the first round of qualies. This is in addition to the practice time before the first round of the main draw, the time to lose in the main draw, and the time to play three rounds in the qualifiers (two singles and one doubles round) AND more practice time inbetween each qualifying round and after doubles qualifying. I wouldn't be surprised if the game doubled the total hours in a week for those two weeks. :blackeye:

This did not happened to another player when the succeeding tournament was not part of the same series.
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Re: excessive free hours given

Postby manutoo » 19 Mar 2013, 07:00


saved games received by email, bug found & fixed for next update !
It was coz the Training Hours were giving twice, for the whole week once you lost your match, then for the day at end of each day till the start of the qualies.
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