Skills Regression formula, ideal schedule for World Tour?

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Skills Regression formula, ideal schedule for World Tour?

Postby 6sakc » 26 Sep 2012, 20:13

So I'm playing World Tour and decided for my player to take off two weeks in order to train (age 20, before the Beijing Masters Series), but I still got only 16:00 of training hours, and my player regressed from 1012 total points to 984. This from a high of 1030 just six weeks prior! So I have a couple of questions:

1. What would cause some weeks off to have a very high number of training hours, and some weeks to have none?
2. Has anybody found an ideal tournament schedule that maximizes skill points gained regardless of tournament results?

Re: Skills Regression formula, ideal schedule for World Tour

Postby manutoo » 27 Sep 2012, 04:08


1. You need XP points to train your skills, not only free time
2. It depends if you go far or not into the tournament you play ; so every time you got a good bunch of XP points available, you can take 1 week break
more info => ... l#training .
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