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Tennis Elbow 2011 Mac v1.0f

Postby manutoo » 06 Sep 2012, 07:39


Tennis Elbow 2011 Mac v1.0f is released (Build 93-2012.9.5) : ... [Permanent direct download link to the latest version]

/!\ Updating: when you update to a newer version, you have to transfer the "Profiles" subfolder from your previous TE2011's directory to the new installation folder to keep your saved games ; do not overwrite your current game folder with the new one, else you'll lose your saved games (they might end in the bin, so still in recoverable state, though).

New Features :
- New Strike Styles & Return Stances : another bunch of animations created by Lucian86, m4n4c0r & Jaydraco have been integrated to the game !
- Outfit : you can now change your racket strings color & choose your string logo independently from your racket type
- World Tour : in Season mode, you can now continue to the next season, if you played a total of less than 16 seasons (1)
- World Tour : Early Ball hit talent implemented for the CPU players (only 3 players in the original male players database have this talent)
- World Tour : Auto-Retrain button in the Training screen ; this allows you to automatically retrain your lost skills since the last training session (if you have enough Experience points & Training hours available)
- Gameplay : the new Auto-step back feature makes you start to run in the opposite direction a tiny bit faster ; this is especially useful if you use a gamepad that is slow to change left/right direction, but has low effect for players with a good keyboard (2)
- .Dmo Recording : can now be buffered in case it slows down your PC while recording ; it'll then record at each end of point ; use "AutoRecord = 2" instead of "1" to set the buffered mode
- Modding : separate animation for acceleration (Modders: more information in the animation topic soon ;) )
- Modding : Max Players Per Country can be set in the Tour.ini in each tournament section using "MaxPlrPerCountry = 2" (for example) ; works only for Singles
- Gameplay : new combo strike => half-lobbing slice : to do it press B2 then B2+down then B2 ; it's a poorly defensive, very slow & inaccurate and somewhat high strike, which can give you some time to replace yourself (and get destroyed on your next opponent strike ;) )

Changes :
- Gameplay : Arcade controls allow to faster change of direction when running
- Gameplay : more accurate hit zone when hitting the ball to the side or the back
- Gameplay : players rest a lot faster their overall energy when it's nearly depleted
- Gameplay : your player cannot move for a few milliseconds after you hit the ball
- Gameplay : CPU returns a bit less effectively
- Gameplay : when running & turning by less than 1/16th ( = 22.5°), significantly less speed is lost
- Gameplay : it's now significantly harder to control the ball when doing a lob at the net (ie: a volley-lob)
- AI : CPU has less chances to go back to baseline after doing a volley near the service line
- Animation : victory gesture is rotated if the player stands too close of the net
- Animation : animation position tuned when running & strike animation contains movement information (this should make easier to position your player while running with such strike animation)
- World Tour : seeds are shuffled in same way than real life

Bug Fixes:
- Animation : the slice animation for the wrong side could be started when the CPU was standing a bit before the incoming ball bounce
- World Tour : control type (ie: Simulation / Arcade / Elite) wasn't correctly saved when exporting players to the Training Club

Notes :
- Changelog of previous versions is here : topic15-7504.php
- (1) : if you started a season with v1.0e & go on with v1.0f, then the proposed new rank at end of season may be incorrect
- (2) : with a good keyboard, you need around 30-50 milliseconds to press the left key after stopping to press the right one ; with a gamepad, this time can go up to 100-150ms ; and with a joystick a lot more than that ; the Auto-step back considers you start to press left just after you unpressed right when the ball is going to your left (and vice versa from left to right) ; this feature makes the game more fair as it removes a disadvantage of playing with a gamepad
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Re: Tennis Elbow 2011 Mac v1.0f

Postby manutoo » 15 Dec 2012, 09:55

Build 95, December 15th:

New Features :
- AI : added AiSlowerReturner & AiSlowerServer under [Game] in Tennis.ini, to allow tuning of CPU return & serve performances
- Gameplay : you can now choose to apply an Online Skill Mode to your offline matches in the Training Club (available in "Misc Options" menu, with "Advanced Options" turned on)

Changes :
- Gameplay : short slice combo changed to B2+Up then B2 (instead of B1+up then B2)
- Gameplay : normal & short acceleration and attack lob are a bit less accurate if the incoming ball is sliced
- Gameplay : now when choosing Elite mode, it also lowers the accuracy of the serve, in the same proportion than the rally strikes
- Gameplay : overall energy gain & loss tuned a bit so long tied matches should empty it more often
- Gameplay : it's now much harder to volley against an accelerated smash
- Gameplay : forehand strike is triggered a bit earlier when turning around your backhand
- Gameplay : in World Tour, women with counter style were overpowered
- Gameplay : Counter's style maximal acceleration strike speed limited on very fast ball ; this limit mainly applies on serve return, where the incoming ball speed can be very high
- Gameplay : 1-Handed-Backhand acceleration speed bonus on shoulder height ball significantly lowered, and its trigger height has been lowered a bit as well (ie: around mid upper-arm instead of shoulder)
- Gameplay : Auto Step Back can now trigger only once before each strike, and can't trigger more than 0.6 second after your opponent stroke the ball
- Gameplay : maximal average serve speed lowered by 5 km/h
- Gameplay : Player Style jump bonus now slightly depends of the Net Presence ; ie: to get the full jump bonus, you need to have 100% Net Presence
- Gameplay : Attack lob is slightly lower & faster when you stand within baseline and your opponent is close of the net
- Gameplay : 1H & 2H Backhands were not enough less powerful than forehand when Power was under 100%
- Gameplay : with Tiredness on, the Counter acceleration is now slightly more tiring
- Gameplay : Counter accelerations were slightly too slow when playing with skills lower than 90%
- Gameplay : Counter acceleration minimal speed in good conditions (ie: well positioned on a very slow incoming ball) is now always at least a bit faster than the normal B1 strike
- Demo : default strike styles for Demo users changed
- AI : in World Tour, top women were returning freakishly too well, now they'll be only very good ;)

Bug Fixes :
- World Tour : rackets & strings were wrongly put in white for the UK Slam
- Gameplay : the ball could go through your racket during 2 special cases (mainly when changing slice/normal strike/acceleration during your strike preparation)
- AI : CPU shouldn't have anymore a jump frame when using an alternative acceleration animation
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