A Few Beginner Questions

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A Few Beginner Questions

Postby Jeff Lebowski » 04 Sep 2012, 13:15

I've had the game for a couple of weeks now, but am only just starting to play it seriously. just have a few questions about general mechanics, etc.

1) i know the basics, but can someone give me a list of surface speeds?

2) why is the short slice so damm awkward to do? it's not even in the list of strikes...

3) i was just reading through your list of tips for online play (really helpful by the way) and i noticed that you said for volleyers that we shouldn't map our FH and BH stats below about 90. surely, with the limit of 780 points, this leaves nowhere near enough extra points to put into volleying skills? (even with all special skills at 0)

4) I'm having real trouble getting decent depth on my normal strikes, even with my heavy topspin player. this becomes a particular problem on clay when i really struggle to get into rallies against defenders, who seem to be able to force me back very effectively. any thoughts?

thanks for the game by the way, it's fantastic
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Re: A Few Beginner Questions

Postby manutoo » 05 Sep 2012, 04:19


1) => topic15-1690.php

2) coz there's no combination left to add strikes, so the only way to add strikes is to do combo

3) usually, you can do decent enough volleys with Net Presence at 60%, Volley FH & BH at 50% & Smash at 40%. If you want better skill, you can try to lower your rally strike, but it'll get pretty tedious when you play from the baseline.

4) center well the ball into your racket, and don't step too far from the baseline.
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