Tiredness/energy while serving and one set-matches?

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Tiredness/energy while serving and one set-matches?

Postby Hungz » 28 Jul 2012, 15:28

1)- I was wondering if you suffered from tiredness when serving? I read one of the patch notes and it said that you will lose energy equivalent to half an acceleration when using B1 on the second serve.

Does that only apply to the B1 on second serve or do you lose energy from serving?
ex. Will you lose more energy serving B1+B2 over and over, getting a fault and hitting the let as opposed to getting a first serve in with B1+B2?

2)- I was also wondering if tiredness scales with 1-set matches? I read one of your posts Manutoo where you stated that the less games you have per set, it will scale accordingly as if you were playing a full 6 game set. You then stated that 1-set matches do not scale. I'm not exactly sure what you mean by that and I was wondering if you could clear the confusion.

Does this mean that 1-set matches won't have as large as an effect on energy that a 3-set match would? In other words, energy is generally going to be over abundant in 1-set matches?

Thank you so much for the clarification Manutoo!
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Re: Tiredness/energy while serving and one set-matches?

Postby manutoo » 29 Jul 2012, 05:52


1) I just added this to the doc : "On your 2nd serve, if you use B1+B2, it counts like 1 acceleration, and if you use B1, it counts like half an acceleration. The 1st serve doesn't tire your player."

2) it means you'll get tired faster when playing with less than 6 games per set. And on another hand, after 1 set played, you'll be as same tired whether you're in a 1-set match or a 5-set match.
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