Incredible Tennis Shot x_x

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Incredible Tennis Shot x_x

Postby markhansavon » 02 Dec 2011, 22:12

Hey guys,

I guess this is gonna just attest to how big of a Tennis gamer I am. I'm sure a lot of you here have seen some pretty incredible shots in Tennis Elbow, most likely a handful that are a lot more impressive than this.

I've been playing this game for 6 years off and on now, upgrading when necessary. I turn the mtrun cheat on and put it to something like 0.75 acceleration and run speed, so I can play matches with tons of winners. This shot that I just hit, I had to just stop the game, replay it and screen capture it. Here's the shot:

I obsess with hitting this shot myself and try it often against my brother. It only really works if you can get tons of topspin on the ball. I think I've seen Nadal do this before but I can't remember where.
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