Epic Fiasco

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Epic Fiasco

Postby Borisdenominator » 14 Nov 2011, 18:19

I am currently playing a season with the new wonder of British tennis: Francis Leopold Jr. This kid is 18 and has now made it to the top 30, he is a counter who enjoys a good scrap and likes to get broken as well as to break. He likes to play on Pro - 1 with elite controls and with slow auto-movement - third person camera angle as well. :brushteeth:

The Story of the Bagel

Earlier in the year I played Juan Monaco in my second Grand Slam appearance. This didn't perhaps go as well as i'd have hoped as he beat me 6-0 6-2 6-0, a total pasting. Later in the year (and a number of ranking places better off) I face Verdasco in the third round of Roland Garros, I came out all guns blazing.... or countering... as I manipulated the rallies and forced errors 6-1...excellent...... then suddenly I was broken, and again, I lose the second 0-6 :sweat:, ok.... no problem in the third set serve finally dominates until he breaks me, but i break back, he serves for the set, and i break him again! In the tiebreak I play some solid points and win it to 3. 7-6. Ok time to win this one......no, I am broken, I am broken again, I have numerous beak points, game points, AND LOSE THE THIRD 0-6 :blackeye:. In the Fifth set things go badly as well and before I know it he is smacking me around and it is 1-5 - never afraid of a challenge I break him, and again! 5-5! can I do the barely thinkable, save mps, get bageled twice, score far fewer points and WIN to face Ferrer in the fourth round! I CAN ONLY IMAGINE THE QUEEN GREETING ME AS I FLY BACK INTO HEATHROW WITH A BAGEL IN HER HAND! MAN UP SON! :occasion1: :laughing8: :headbang: :happy1: :rr: :reindeer: :joker: ....................Oh and then I end up losing 5-7 in the fifth :thinking: :thinking: :BeatDeadHorse:. 6-1 0-6 7-6 0-6 5-7 :geek: Fiasco had beaten me in Nice as well (0-2 h2h :cussing:) on clay and I beat Cermak in Roland Garros R2 6-0 6-0 6-0, I also served a bagel whomever I played in the first round.

I love WTA scorelines :jap:
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