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General Comments about the Gameplay

Postby Hamsteak » 17 Aug 2011, 23:34

I was with TE2006 a few years, and since I’ve purchased TE2011 a few months ago I had been very much hooked on to it and I can see this going for a few years.. First of all I really have to say the improvements that I’ve seen in TE2011 is impressive, so I think this is money well spent. A few things though about my frustration in playing the game:

1- First of all, nothing to do with TE2011 – Just me being very stubborn to stick with having Pro 10 as my opponents’ level. But after hearing some other saying they can handle higher levels, I kept thinking I should be able to play at this level. Besides, Pro is designed to be the most realistic level, right? Well, my experience though is that a Pro 10 opponent with 75% capabilities in general can do a lot of ridiculous things on the court. Not only he can run repeated from side to side to retrieve my attacking shots and sometimes put the ball right back on the baseline at my ankle, he can consistently hit winners at ridiculous angle off my accelerated shots (which was at pretty good angle to start with), too, especially on a slower court surface. Sometimes I tried using drop shots just to break his rhythm, but no matter how good I played it he could always get to it and hammering it away seemingly at will. On the other hand, because I have to worry about hitting my shots at the right place and not over-hitting at the same time, I always have to play very tentatively just to avoid making errors. So the odds are mostly against me, unless I'm playing on the fastest surfaces.

2- With service, I found that my ability to hit a good serve (including aces) that troubles the opponent depends very much on the type of surface I am playing on, which is fair enough. However, this doesn’t seem to go the other way, though. I mean, I have been playing against this opponent (75% average on everything). While I was able to match his number of aces on a fast surface, he was totally over-acing me on clay or synthetic (with some aces even on the 2nd serve). This makes me believe that there is probably no or not enough allowance that the computer doesn’t have a reaction time, when humans do. Very often I had to guess which way to go to retrieve the opponent’s first serve (which doesn’t really help reducing the no. of ace he hits but at least I get to play a better return when I guessed right), but the computer opponent seems perfectly balanced to return my serves most of the time especially on a slow surface. This doesn’t feel very fair to me.

3- OK, now we are rallying. One thing I found particularly difficult is to judge the depth of the opponent’s shot from the screen. It is generally hard to tell if the opponent is hitting a very deep shot, or a not so deep shot. Deep shots require me come back quickly to retrieve (without making an error), which is very often not easy so that’s where I make most of my errors. In playing real tennis, though, I don’t actually find it that difficult to make the judgement - Very often it is possible to play a half-volley just to make the return. Can’t see why this cannot happen in the game.

4- At the net, I frequently found it hard enough to just play a normal volley. Very often I have to use the slice button just to avoid making an error, and from memory I’ve only successfully hit an accelerated volley once or twice after playing for so long. I personally think volleying should be made easier. I watch a lot of tennis myself, too, and I often see players being able to put away shots coming right at their bodies requiring racquet position right in front of or very close to the body (not on the side) so I don’t see why the game has to implement this restriction. Besides, very often the ball comes at a very fast pace and there is simply no time to adjust the body position first (in the game) before actually playing the volley.

5- On the other hand, I also found it generally not easy to hit passing shots when the opponent is at the net, even though the opponent is not supposed to be that good at the net (with net presence of 60%, etc) nor is he a serve & volley type player. Lobbing is generally very difficult. I hardly could do a running lob shot (defensive or offensive) without making an error - timing seems to be wrong most of the time. And when I finally get to play one that lands in the court, it tends to be short and easy for the opponent to put away. The only time I can play a lob winner is when the opponent’s volley comes right back to my hitting zone, but this hardly happens, u know.

6- By the way, I am using the standard simulation control (with average auto-positioning) and my player is of varied style with 75% capabilities in general. Some were saying elite control is fantastic. Well, to be honest I’ve had enough frustration playing with just simulation control (so I guess I am pretty bad in comparison) coz even with it I have limited success in hitting shots with good consistency. So I don’t know how some could manage it so well.
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Re: General Comments about the Gameplay

Postby manutoo » 18 Aug 2011, 07:43


a- I moved your post out of Suggestion topic, as you didn't do any suggestion

b- globally, it seems the game is too hard for you ; you can lower your opponent level to Pro-5, but I guess it could be a better choice for you to select the Arcade controls, you might have a lot more fun with them..!

2- Stand more far from the baseline and you should be ok, because the bounce is higher & deeper on slower surfaces

3- it's coz there's no stereoscopic vision, so no 3D sense of the ball & its speed ; use the ball preview, and maybe the Danger Zone, to help you see that better

4- using a different gameplay scheme at the net may be confusing ; and for skilled players, net play is already easy enough ; using Arcade control will let you hit your volleys more with the body, though

5- short acceleration, and sometimes short strikes, are the best choices to pass your opponent
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Re: General Comments about the Gameplay

Postby Hamsteak » 20 Aug 2011, 15:35

Thanks for the response. I've gone back to fast auto-positioning - the difference is considerable so I think I will stick with that. Tried arcade control before - it was a bit too easy. Time to be less stubborn about my opponent's level, too, otherwise I'll be pulling my hair out playing the game. Cheers!
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