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Tennis Elbow 2011 Mac v1.0b

Postby manutoo » 23 May 2011, 10:19


Tennis Elbow 2011 Mac v1.0b is released (Build 71-2011.5.23) : ... [Permanent direct download link to the latest version]

/!\ Warning: this new version of TE doesn't support Mac OSX 10.3.9 ; you must have at least Mac OSX 10.4 to play it
/!\ Updating: when you update to a newer version, you have to transfer the "Profiles" subfolder from your previous TE2011's directory to the new installation folder to keep your saved games.

New Features :
- Doubles : can choose to swap return side with your partner at each set start
- Doubles : returner's partner position depth saved ; this allows the partner of the returner to always stands on baseline at start of the point, if he wants to
- World Tour : you can now save any World Tour player (including yours) to reload him/her in the Training Club
- World Tour : you now have the choice to pick a player from the player base when starting a new game, in addition of creating a new one
- World Tour : new game mode 'Season' ; this mode lets you pick a player from the player base, and play 1 season with him, without training session nor skill lowering ; you can also pick a player from 1 season and play in another season, if you want to
- Controls : Optional Alternate Up/Down during the strikes ; this allows users with too sensible gamepad to have all 9 strikes available with only 4 or 5 buttons instead of 9
- AI : CPU players will now do Sorry gesture if their strike clipped the net
- AI : CPU can now use the short acceleration when you stand a bit too far from the baseline
- Video : all and any screen ratio supported when playing with the 3D courts ; Window mode will now always keep the perfect Aspect Ratio whatever the window size is
- Helper : display a help screen when a player releases button(s) before hitting the ball (if you read this, you should likely not need nor see this help screen ;) )
- Mod : additional NoNormalization in Tennis.ini allows to set all World Tour players on their best year force, all the time
- Mod : added an option to easily display any existing court icon for additional courts in World Tour
- Animation : new waiting animation ; new victory animation for tough matches
- Stats : more match statistics : Short Rallies Won (< 5) ; Medium Rallies Won (5-10) ; Long Rallies Won (> 10) ; Set Points Saved ; Match Points Saved ; Return Winners ; Return Points Won ; Breaks / Games With Break Point
- Stats : all matches & their stats are logged in .html files ; 1 for the Training Club, and 1 for each game in World Tour (button to open the log is available at bottom left of the "Misc Options" menu)
- Camera : new "Follow Ball" mode available during replay
- Camera : can easily save/load 4 different settings for the camera, and load these settings during the replay
- Replay : smooth slow-motion replay
- Outfit : 1 new male shirt & 3 new male sleeveless T-shirt
- Sound : Players' Grunt (only after ball strike, though, not before)
- Sound : Crowd reacts to great strikes

Changes :
- World Tour : a few players tuned
- World Tour : Double specialists have some of their skills raised during Doubles, while Singles specialists see some of theirs lowered a bit
- Rendering : indoor Stadium lighting lowered (and it's Moddable)
- Rendering : ball impact & lines tuned a bit to avoid ball in/out misinterpretation
- AI : CPU is now more efficient when standing slightly inside baseline (it had the tendency to not take enough advantage of short balls)
- AI : CPU stands now more far or closer on return, depending of its skills and its opponent service power
- AI : CPU players with good return skill (it's a hidden skill in World Tour) will have a bit better reflexes on return (they already had a bit better return precision)
- AI : better communication in Doubles between the 2 CPU partners, so they shouldn't let a centered ball pass both of them when they stand at net (this was especially frequent on lob)
- AI : slightly better AI positioning ; but added some positioning mistakes to compensate, especially when their Positioning skill is low (this is a hidden skill in World Tour)
- AI : in singles, CPU player now stops to run a bit before its opponent strikes the ball
- Control : it is now possible to do the Nadal shot when playing with remapped control using 1 different button for each strike ; you have 0.35 seconds after have released a button to press the next one ; note that this allows you to prepare the Nadal shot & run a bit at the same time ; as a reminder, the Nadal Shot is : Normal Strike + Short Strike + Topspin Strike
- Gameplay : no fatigue before the server starts to serve, so the returner can place himself without penalty
- Gameplay : good resting at end of set, even when there's no end change, and lower resting after 1st game of set
- Gameplay : short strike's precision increased by 35% and speed increased a bit, but it's less tolerant to mis-positioning ; this should make this strike much more useful and used
- Gameplay : short volley precision increased by 20%
- Gameplay : short acceleration precision & speed increased a bit
- Training Club : Saved Player slots raised to 36 from 10
- Animation : side steps animations tuned
- Animation : CPU selects the side step or the run animation more smartly
- Animation : Serve 5/5 slightly tuned ; Serves 1/5 & 3/5 ending fixed
- Settings : the number of games per set in the World Tour can be set independently from the Training Club
- Stats : Simulation time, when turned on, is also displayed in the match stats
- Court : surface colors of Clay and Indoor carpet have been slightly tuned
- Mod : World Tour players will now automatically use any added outfit

Bug Fixes:
- Animation : sidestep could be wrongly oriented just after have hit the ball
- Animation : fixed a crash that could occur after changing the strike animation of a player
- Animation : CPU won't do a gesture anymore just before striking an incoming fault ball
- Animation : in some case, players were not correctly looking at the ball
- Render : crowd people were having a big white spot on certain video cards
- AI : when at net, CPU players don't run to baseline anymore after have jumped to the ball & missed it
- HUD : Energy bars should now be correctly displayed on left/right when playing in Doubles with the camera standing on the Opposite end (for real this time ;) )
- World Tour : when playing with more than 1 human player, some CPU players could have their ranking history not saved ; that was likely creating problem on their Head To Head view & previous year activity view
- World Tour : skill lowering was incorrect when stopping to play for more than 18 weeks
- World Tour : Ranking Delta Pos was incorrect for new players the week they arrive on the Tour
- World Tour : CPU Serve skills were slightly incorrect (they were adjusted according TEM standard instead of TE2011)
- Menu : mouse speed in fullscreen could be extremely slow in case of settings corruption
- Sound : strike panning was incorrect when the camera was on the opposite end
- Camera : camera was sometimes not reset correctly when swapping from 2D to 3D court

Notes :
- Changelog of previous versions is here : topic15-3943.php
- as usually, if you notice any glitch or bug, thanks to report them !
- This is likely the biggest update ever in the history of Tennis Elbow (since 16 years! But not including new game releases, of course ) :dance:
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Re: Tennis Elbow 2011 Mac v1.0b

Postby manutoo » 21 Jun 2011, 08:43

SubBuild 2011.6.21, June 21st:

New Features:
- Replay : speed x1/8 added ; available by pressing up/down on your controller
- Modding : can have more than 99 different textures per outfit
- Modding : can change strength-per-ranking curve ; look for [WT_SkillNormAtpRT] in Tennis.ini ; raise "MidNorm" & lower "HighPower" to raise strength of players ranked around #10-100

- World Tour : strength of players around ranking #10-100 has been slightly raised, most noticeably around rank #60
- World Tour : shuffling of bottom ranked players, so new comers to the Tour should raise like expected (ie: faster than before ; good new players won't be stuck for long without playing)
- Sound : can fine tune volume of grunts & crowd (with "Advanced Options" turned on)
- .dmo : to avoid a possible total desynchro during match replay, the positions on serve & return are now saved ; note : this SubBuild can play .dmo from previous versions, but the opposite isn't possible
- Camera : the subjective & 3rd person cameras don't move left/right when your player is idling, to avoid shaking
- Video : with 2D court, screen is stretched by default up to 16/9 +10% (after, correct aspect ratio is applied with black bars on the side) ; if you don't want the stretch (to have a correct aspect ratio with a perfectly round ball), you can force the Ratio to 16:10 in Advanced Video Options

Bug Fixes:
- Camera : camera was sometimes not reset correctly when swapping from 2D to 3D court
- Warmup : Left hand players were throwing 1st ball from the wrong body side
- World Tour : mispositioned Woman icon in the Load/Save menu
- World Tour : wrong age for new created player
- World Tour : Wildcard propositions were not made after you finished a tournament
- World Tour : not enough skill dropping after finished a tournament where you got qualified, or played qualies just after a main draw
- World Tour : if you closed the game during the New Game process, NoNormalization would be stuck on 3 (ie: all players would be as strong as on their best year all the time)
- World Tour : during new game, while looking existing players, a few had their skills way too low (it also bugged in the same way when playing with NoNorm'3)
- World Tour : Grunt code wasn't loaded correctly for CPU Players
- World Tour : Double Partners of Human players were playing almost every week
- World Tour : sometimes, your player is put in the draw a 2nd time ; I still don't know when it happens, likely when you win or lose the final (if you can reproduce this bug, let me know how!) ; in such case, your ranking was wrong if you exited & re-launched the game ; now, the ranking is still ok
- World Tour : selecting a year after 2010 to start a season now works correctly
- Outfit Code : Grunt code exportation wasn't working (it missed a space before the "Gr")
- Demo Replay : Grunts were not correctly initialized when playing a .dmo
- Stats : 1st service faults were subtracted from total number of faults, instead of just being ignored
- MatchLog : Court Type correctly logged when playing with trial version
- MatchLog : replayed recorded matches are not logged anymore
- MatchLog : World Tour matches weren't logged, and .dmo played till the end were logged
- Render : 3D court's signs are now correctly lighted (they were noticeably too bright when camera was against the sun)
- Menu : a rare crash fixed when switching / deleting a Profile, or changing settings which needed to be applied
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Re: Tennis Elbow 2011 Mac v1.0b

Postby gropius » 04 Jul 2011, 05:55

please pleaseeeeee !!!! multiplayer option for mac users !!!! pleaaaaaaseeeeee !!!
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