Settings for CPU v/s CPU

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Settings for CPU v/s CPU

Postby gofeddy » 26 Apr 2011, 05:36

I am just a little curious here. I tried watching a CPU v/s CPU match between Federer and Nadal during an encounter in the World Tour.

I set the difficulty to Incredible(10) and could see that each game went on for about 10-15 min simulated match time. Long rallies, break of serves, a never-ending series of games. It looked really physical out there.

Is this how it plays every time, because whenever I watch a match, it seems to be a really long match.

Is there a setting that would make the viewing close to realistic with a few tight games, a few easy ones. I am just looking for the best difficulty setting here.
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Re: Settings for CPU v/s CPU

Postby manutoo » 26 Apr 2011, 06:17


yup, the default setting is Pro10, and as said in the doc, it's the most realistic one.
After, in levels above, the CPU gets stronger & stronger in defense, and usually the attacker one will lose the match, coz he'll do a few errors on attack while the defender almost never does any while defending.
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Re: Settings for CPU v/s CPU

Postby brad » 29 Jun 2011, 21:07


How exactly do you go about watching a CPU v CPU match within world tour mode that doesn't involve your career player as the original poster has mentioned? Like for example if I get eliminated from a tournament but want to watch the final or semifinal of that tournament? Great game by the way!


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