World Tour mode. Missing a week possibly?

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World Tour mode. Missing a week possibly?

Postby sebsy » 03 Oct 2010, 18:07

Ok, first of all this is my first post and so I'd just like to say how brilliant this game is.

In World Tour mode, I admit I'm playing quite an easy level as I wanted to get straight into world tour without getting smashed off the court by the weakest players around! :D

Anyway, in World Tour mode, I played tournaments in my first seven weeks, but then seemed to just jump to week 11.
I played Memphis in week 7 (Where I beat Federer 8-) before losing nxt round to Cilic :() If I remember correctly, half way through this tournament I got an invite to another tourny or actually might have just been a message telling me I had to play due to my ranking?, Indian Wells, and not being able to view what week it was set I clicked ok and continued. After losing to Cilic in the Memphis otunry in week 7, I then had something like 21 days training before my next match in Indian Wells. I won that tournament and am now playing at Memphis in week 12.

What happened in them missing weeks of weeks 8-10?
Week 8 had a TET500 in Dubai and featured the likes of Djokovic and Del-Potro, but I was never even able to play in this as well as another TET500 in Mexico which had Verdasco as the number one seed.
Week 9 was Davis Cup and the UK didn't reach that round so I can see why I had no match that week.

And I'm actually looking at it now and I'm veen more confused. In the all tournament draws section it says Indian Wells is in week 10, but in my activity menu showing what tournaments I've been in it says I didn't participate in weeks 8-10, and played Indian Wells in week 11.

In the tournament draws menu it says week 11 only has challenger and future tournaments. But says Miami is in week 12, so it looks to be back to normal now. But I'm very confused as to how that all works. Does the Indian Wells tournament last 2 weeks?

Sorry about this, I like tennis alot in real life but don't fully understand the tournament structure.

Thanks in advance to anyone who can decipher what I've just said and help me out :D
tennis enthusiastic
tennis enthusiastic
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Re: World Tour mode. Missing a week possibly?

Postby manutoo » 04 Oct 2010, 05:29


yes, Indian Wells lasts 2 weeks, and ranking points are done at the end of the tourney, that's why there's a gap in the start week in the planning & the point week in the activity screen.

I think it might have a problem when the game forces you to enter a tournament like this, and it might make you skip the week before the forced tournament.
I'll look into this.
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Re: World Tour mode. Missing a week possibly?

Postby sebsy » 04 Oct 2010, 20:48

Ah that's great. Thanks for the reply.

And once again, top notch game :dance:
tennis enthusiastic
tennis enthusiastic
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