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strange settings

Postby eric » 14 Feb 2010, 10:27


played yesterday and all was well, and today when I started the game, I had several problems:

- I didn't have a windowed mode, I changed the setting to windowed, but when I restart the game, that change was not saved
- my player is not customized as I want to: his skin is pale, his hair is terrible, and I cannot make any changes
- my stats and my ranking are the same though
- the other players look exactly the same as mine: pales, yellow hair, blue and white clothes, yellow sunglasses. horrible :sweat:
- the setting for interacting with my player is set to mouse, while I always use the keyboard. I can change the settings för the ongoing game. but when I quit and save, my settings would be gone next time I try to play.
- I like using the french language, but now, the standard language is english. can't seem to change that either.

I really enjoy this game, and I would do a reinstallation if it weren't for the fact, that I play in Master sub 1 for the first time, I haven't cheated in any game :D , I'm playing in week 43 and I'm just 100 points behind nr 1 (Kuerten, in 2001), and I so look forward to play the Masters in Shanghai and hopefully end this year as nr 1. I really do not wish to make a new installation, so could someone tell me what is wrong?

I've tried to restart my computer but that didn't help either.


Re: strange settings

Postby eric » 14 Feb 2010, 15:26

Ok, I think I might have found what caused the problem: in the tennis-lni file, there was a huge blank space at the beginning of the file. I removed that space, and now, it seems to work. The other players have got their distinctive looks, I am still uggly, but I am able to change the way I look. Harder to change skin colour though. It seems that the changes are saved, so, I think this post can be labeled "solved" now. I will come back if there are some further issues.

Re: strange settings

Postby manutoo » 15 Feb 2010, 05:12


if u install the latest version over your current version (& reselect your custom Profile if you use one), then you shouldn't lose your current saved games...
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