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Volleys & Skills

Postby btaylor » 07 Feb 2010, 01:21

I was wondering...what actually does happen when the CPU's percentages ( lob, volley, smash, etc) are raised or lowered?

For example, I experimented with lowering all the CPU's volleying skills down to "1", with the CPU set on pro 10 level with no really noticeable difference....he seems to be just as quick and volley just as good as when his volley skills were set much higher...the same with the lobs and smashes... :scratch:

Also, when he comes to the net and I fire an accelerated passing shot attempt, he volleys even harder than my acceleration...In reality I can see this happening every once in a while, but not as often as in TE...in reality usually the most that can be done when a shot is positively NAILED at you is to try and cut it off by stabbing or blocking the ball (usually resulting in a defensive or reflexive reply) :roll:

Sorry Manu...I meant to start another topic with this... :oops:
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Re: Volleys & Skills

Postby manutoo » 07 Feb 2010, 07:09


lower volley skills => less ball speed, less precision, easier to miss difficult balls
in addition of the above, lower Net Presence also induces => slower jump , but not lower ball speed

I'll have a look into counter acceleration volleys...
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