Difficulty level

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Difficulty level

Postby Aleksa Kitic 3 » 31 Jul 2018, 01:14

Hello everyone, I have a question: What is most realistic difficulty level. I wanted to challange myself playing on Incredible(Sublevel:10) assuming that is the most realistic level. But when I started my career I found it our very quickly that is not the case. Defenders, Baseliners, and Punchers are almost unbeatable. Defenders can striking ball back all day, it's almost immpossible to make a winner against them, they litteraly don't make errors, and suddenly they punch back some extraordinary winner, from nowhere, and they are ranked bellow 600, almost same thing with punchers and baseliners, they even don't give you chance to attack, because you can catch a couple of their shots, and that's all, and they also don't make mistakes, I feel like I am playing against Djokovic or Nadal, so I found it very unrealistic. But I don't know what is actually the most realistic difficulty. Anybody knows?
Aleksa Kitic 3

Re: Difficulty level

Postby manutoo » 31 Jul 2018, 06:20


most realistic level for the CPU is Pro-10.

Incredible is... incredible... ;)
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