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Unrealistic AI

Postby asdasad » 19 May 2018, 13:44

Just played a two hours match (Fed) against the AI (Raonic) on Incredible difficulty (8). And of course, the AI won in the end. Not because he played very well but because of all the cheesy shots he made. I can tell that more than 80 percent of his shots were on the lines; he hit more than 45 aces with an avrage speed of 227 km/h, a lot of net chords on crucial points.

The AI's animation is so ***ed up. Just before he is about to hit the ball, there is a pause in the animation and suddenly the AI is able to hit a winner of an avrage speed of 145 km/h. It's so stupid and unrealistic. Furthermore, there are moments when you hit a short ball to the AI and the AI miss-time the swing so it looks like he miss the ball with the racket... but all of a sudden, an invisble wall/force hit the ball back. And lastly, the AI dropshots selection are way to unrealistic. The AI can pull off the most unrealistic dropshots ever, with a magnet precision. It's like the ball is pulled to the net, with the lowest bounce possible (un catchable).

So yeah Im done with this game since I'm forced to play against a cheating AI. Until there comes out a Tennis Elbow for Mac with online option, I'll leave this game for what its now...

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