Ranking progression

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Ranking progression

Postby gm16 » 19 Feb 2018, 23:02

I am playing carreer mode and i find the ranking progression somewhat unrealistic.

I reached the quarterfinals of a future tournament and my player moved +43 positions from 496 to 453.

In reality a player gets 3 or 4 points and moves at the most +10 positions.

Is there a way to set/change the progression of a player "in a more realistic way" ??
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crazy of the little yellow ball
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Re: Ranking progression

Postby manutoo » 20 Feb 2018, 09:10


no, it's not easily possible ; to do so, you'd have to add many future tournaments and many players. Maybe some Mods did that, though.

If it happened at the start of your career, it might be because the ranking points weren't smoothed at the game start (ie; a lot of players had 80 points, then no one had 81-84, then a lot had 85 points). I'll fix that for TEM2/TE4.
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