Using the game to simulate matches

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Using the game to simulate matches

Postby epts2012 » 13 Oct 2017, 02:18

Hi! I'm sorry if a similar question has been answered somewhere else but I couldn't find it if it was! I'd really like to find something either to simulate the exact matches from a real ATP event or create my own. Is it possible in this game to set a match-up between two players and get the CPU to take control of both of them and play the match? So, for example if I were simulating the current tournament in Shanghai, I'd love to be able to select a match-up between say Rafael Nadal and Jared Donaldson (I realise I'd need a patch to get the current players) and get the CPU to play as both of them.

Many thanks!

Re: Using the game to simulate matches

Postby manutoo » 13 Oct 2017, 06:50


you can do that in the Training Club. But 1st, you have to view the Character Sheet of each player in the World Tour, and then click on the top left icon "Export to the Training Club", so you'll be able to save them & reload them from the Training Club.

And to check they are controller by the CPU, look the Human/CPU icon under the 3D player in the Character Sheet of the Training Club.
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Re: Using the game to simulate matches

Postby epts2012 » 14 Oct 2017, 01:25

Thanks very much indeed for the reply and the instructions!!

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