career mode swings??

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career mode swings??

Postby Gking23 » 16 Dec 2009, 23:21

hello all,

does anyone know in carrer mode if you can change your swing motion at some point?
i am still only allowed to play in futures tourneys and can not edit my players swing motion,
so will i have to wait and earn the ability to do it,
if not did i miss changing the option before i started?

thanks mana the game is so realistic.

Re: career mode swings??

Postby Sloane Stephens » 17 Dec 2009, 01:22

If I am not mistaken, once you select a swing motion, you have to keep that swing motion for the rest of your career. Manu or someone else can correct me if I am wrong.
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Re: career mode swings??

Postby manutoo » 17 Dec 2009, 06:58


you can't change them, except by "cheating".
To do so, while the game is closed, in the Tennis.ini (or the .ini of your custom Profile), change this line, under [3dEngine], from :
DevMode = 0
to :
DevMode = 1

Then you could change your strikes in the Outfit configuration screen.
You better set DevMode back to 0 once u're done.
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