Can use a Xbox 360 Controller ?

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Can use a Xbox 360 Controller ?

Postby peRFect » 15 Dec 2009, 23:18

is it possible to use the xbox 360 controller? is it affective? or does not respond well as the keyboard does?

Re: controller

Postby kyuuji » 15 Dec 2009, 23:44

Hi peRFect,
If your XBOX360 Joypad can be connected on the PC like for PS3 so I think you can, it works for PS3, I tried, but I'm better on keyboard :)
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Re: Can use a Xbox 360 Controller ?

Postby manutoo » 16 Dec 2009, 06:51


I have a Xbox 360 Pad ; it's working fine except it's easy to press up or down without wanting it while aiming to the left/right (with the down left pad ; it might work better with the left up stick), especially when stressed by online playing... ':D
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