Breakpoints (un)successfulness

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Breakpoints (un)successfulness

Postby Peeper » 31 Jul 2017, 21:01

Hi everyone,

How good you usually are with utilizing breakpoints? Me, I'm usually around 20% and I'm wondering if there's anything different in case of break/set/matchpoints. Do you have any tips for these situations?
I'm just beginning my second season at Elite Pro 3, currently no. 39, lost with Gasquet in 2nd round of AO after having 3 matchpoints in 3rd set. Eventually I had several breakpoints in 4th and 5th, again with no success. This is very, very usual for me, before that I could get to my first ATP250 final, but lost to Nieminen in SF after not being able to use any of 10 breakpoints I had. It's just frustrating. Nieminen for example made his only 3 aces from the whole match right when saving my breakpoints. Is there any kind of script making it more difficult to get these points?

And btw, is it normal that players from top 5 let's say have some stats on 100%? Murray has like 4 or 5 stats at 100% which to me seems a bit overpowered.

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Re: Breakpoints (un)successfulness

Postby manutoo » 01 Aug 2017, 09:24


1) CPU doesn't have any special behavior for break points, match points, etc.

2) Yup, it's normal to have a few 100% for the best players. :yes:
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