How come as the ELO goes up, the cheating goes up too?

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How come as the ELO goes up, the cheating goes up too?

Postby Ferrer » 29 Jul 2017, 19:37

I've noticed, as I've started to get into the 2200+ ELO category because I'm in a good streak of form, that as soon as I start playing the higher ranked players, especially 2300+ ELO players, the "suspicious things" go up significantly when you're winning. And I want to say this is during public "network play".

Example: 1. I was just playing a player named "Elena" with 2500+ ELO, and was dominating rallies quite easily, all of a sudden they started using this glitching/cheating in-between shot where you return the ball with a sort of in-between swing (don't know exactly how to explain, because it's not a legitimate shot) and all of a sudden the ball hits the back of the line every time. It was not a legitimate shot, and pretty sure it's a glitch that shouldn't be used, but every time they were in trouble all of a sudden every return started hitting the back of the line, during every rally on their serve down break points they did this shot even while running at full speed = obviously they won most of those points as it's impossible to defend. Is there a term for this glitching shot? And I know it's true because they only used it during the "big points".

2. A LOT of "sudden lag", conveniently when it's about to be the end of the match. Somehow this lag just delays the match to a literal standstill, and it ends up being that they "retire" and probably lose less ELO than they would have with a legitimate loss, or maybe they just don't want to legitimately lose. For some reason, this also makes ME lose ELO, which is why even if I win sometimes with this sudden "lag" somehow my ELO goes from like 2280 to 2260, despite winning! It shows like +15 meanwhile I am somehow losing points.

3. Random bad reputation. My reputation went from very good, like +40, to a -30 in one week span of beating good players despite doing absolutely nothing wrong.

4. Unrelated but they are all lefties too. Seriously, I play a right-handed player about 1 out of 5 times, it's ridiculous. Of course it has natural advantage with the stupid topspin, this is why Nadal is a meme too. But that has nothing to do with the game :D

I thought a game with a smaller community would be a nicer place, but the insults, cheating, glitching as soon as I start playing the elites is very funny and disappointing to me.
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Re: How come as the ELO goes up, the cheating goes up too?

Postby guest » 03 Aug 2017, 10:03

Solution to your problem : stop playing exhibitions, join a tour and play tournaments online that are managed with rules and referees. Your experience will be a lot better.

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