Strikes Depth

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Strikes Depth

Postby karalis1 » 30 Jun 2017, 20:43

Hi Manutoo, i cant manage to give the right depth to some of my strikes.
While I can manage to give the right deep when i can charge my shot with the right time, i can't when my opponent is leading the rally and i play in a defensive way (i hit the ball with no preparation just pressing the shot button at the moment which the ball is near my player; it gives me a powerful shot as well but it ends in the middle of the court, the opponent continues leading the point because there is no depth). I think that's the biggest lack of my game, the point that stops me to progress. I'm starting thinking of switching to controller because, at least to me, it seems that controller players are advantaged with depth and angles, i only get beaten by them, when i play with keyboard players the match is always more balanced. I don't think it's problem of reflexes or similiar since i played fps for years and my eyes-keyboard coordination is very good
If you know a possible solution for this problem, please let me know, i don't want to switch to controller to progress in the game, i always played every game with keyboard :(

Best Regards karalis1
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Re: Strikes Depth

Postby manutoo » 01 Jul 2017, 08:01


when you prepare your strike late (ie: press the button just a bit before hitting the ball), you'll lose precision and the ball can go long or short.
If you don't center the ball well in your racket, long strikes will be shorter, and short strikes will be longer.
So I guess your main issue is that you're not well positioned.
Practice in Warm-up with the aiming preview on, it'll help you to understand what's going on exactly.
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