A little story about how freekin realistic this game is

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A little story about how freekin realistic this game is

Postby sleeping » 15 May 2017, 02:39

...I don't play often and I'm not really skilled (Pro 6 is my current difficulty)

It's my first season, I'm 18, overweight - and it's the year 2000! Half a season has passed and I'm #3 of my country! 10 titles! Futures and small Challengers! (#3 in AUT...Muster retired last year and only silly Koubek and always injured Hipfl are "better" than me...Hipfl won 2 big events in doubles with his partner Mr Agassi btw, Koubek is like he was in real-life, almost always losing in first or second round but still "good" I think ^^). I would say very realistic but Hipfl never played Doubles with an Agassi or stuff, ok he could...theoretically ^^

Very realistic game:

Got Wildcards for Estoril because I won Mexico City Challenger in Single AND Doubles, I didn't really want to play Estoril but there were no interesting Challengers the next weeks...and I (or Vladimir Volchkov and me ^^) got Wildcards for Single and Doubles...so I tried...hopefully not to be like Koubek and survive the first round...ok...he reached R2...that's Koubek-"good"...

...first Round vs another wildcarder from Home-Country-Portugal...no match for me...second round vs #51 in ranking, I won, Alberto Martin was not that good that day and he has no weapons...as in real-life he was/is just a clay-player...defending in long rallyes with his silly Top-Spin...I played serve-volley at him and was always pushing...so I beat him...

Then quarterfinals vs Franco Squillari. And it's year 2000! The only year Mr Squillari was a world-class-player! And so I got soooooo terribly destroyed by him...1:6 0:6...in second set I made 5 points :( ...he killed me...he's so terribly fast and his strikes are so well placed and heavy...I looked like a child...made soooo much unforced errors too...was not myself...it was much like as a Challenger-player played vs a world-class-beast. Wait! That's the exact description...I AM a Challenger-player and he IS a world class monster this very year...

...got many XP, was in QF...I'm not really mad...but I feel silly and weak now...and frustrated a little...

I don't tell about Doubles, we are still playing...QF vs Schalken/Rios was 6:7 (2) 7:6 (4) 1(9)...so 90 big points for us...we don't expect to win the SF...it's our greatest victory so far to reach the SF in an ATP 250...ok par with our title in Valencia, CA :) because of also 90 points there...doesn't matter.

I'll play many, many challengers and improve my skillI am to be the next Muster. But better because I play well on more surfaces than just clay, that's my goal for this game...to get better than Muster. Easy goal, just have to be #1 for more than just 6 weeks and win just more than 1 Grand Slam :). I'll adjust the difficulty when I get better...and hopefully don't win too much :)

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