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New to game

Postby landsw » 02 Apr 2017, 13:48

Bought this game a few weeks ago. Looking through these forums it's apparently quite a feature rich game.

I created a player, got my butt kicked, did training, am finally good enough to enjoy it. Still, it's a bit confusing.

1) I save my player to training. Why can I change his settings there and they're not reflected in matches? I can change every setting, from forehand to lob, to 100%. Why isn't his actual levels displayed in training at all times?

2) So I get points to for winning or losing and by training. These often don't show up right away. Seems like I have to quit the program to see them. What am I doing wrong?

3) Also, seems like all points earned on basically applied to getting back the levels I've lost. Very hard to get ahead. Do I have to practice a lot and built them up?
4) Is there a single page somewhere that explains how to modify it so I can just play at a certain level all the time?

5) How can I ever change my status (I set myself up as pro in the beginning but see no way to ever change it)?

6) I'd like to practice certain things in training, like overheads. Is there nothing like that, a focused option on certain shots?

7) What are profiles? It appears a profile can have multiple players so I'm missing it's purpose.

8) Does creating a new player always start at the bottom? I created me as a player and decided to create another one and play Sampras but it starts out just like a newbie.

9) The menu interface is a bit messy. All this back and forth, etc could be streamlined I think.

Thanks for any help. Fun game and I'm enjoying it but currently kinda stuck at this one level.

Re: New to game

Postby manutoo » 03 Apr 2017, 09:09


1) The Training Club is totally separated from the World Tour ; you can export your World Tour player to the Training Club for simplicity reason, so you can easily try him out with different setups, but it won't affect your World Tour player

2) You need free time to be able to use your Experience points during the Training sessions ; more info here : ... l#training

3) The constant lowering of your skills forces you to be careful of your tournament selection & planning

4) You can change how it works => topic1-472.php

5) Pro = difficulty ; you can change the difficulty in your Opponent presentation screen that pops up before each match

6) No (it should come with TE4)

7) The basic idea, a profile = a human person using the computer
but often, profile = additional save slots if you like to run multiple careers at the same time... :)

8) In Career mode, you can decide to start at Rank 1000/300/100/30 . In Season mode, you'll start around the real rank of the selected player on the selected year.

9) I created the GUI 1stly for me, so it's actually pretty fast to use it once you're used with it and very little time is lost in it when I test things out. :)
It is however for the mouse ; it's usable with a controller/gamepad, but it's then inefficient.
Tip : you can go back by clicking the mouse's right-button or Fire 2 of your controller.
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Re: New to game

Postby sportmac » 03 Apr 2017, 13:35

Thanks ManuToo, I'll give this a try (I signed up for forum, thus the name change).
I'll play around and see if I make any progress. I appreciate the help.
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