Please Help!!!! update to newest version

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Please Help!!!! update to newest version

Postby nschulman20 » 10 Nov 2009, 01:29

I need some help updating my registered version of Tennis Elbow 2009 from 1.0a to the new most updated version. I paid my fee for the game and have full access to the old version. When I start the game every Sunday it gives me the option to "View Changelog", "OK" (proceed to current version), or "Download New Version".

When I hit download new version it takes me to the website to download; I do and it looks like it's all good; but then I only have the demo version.

I'm not good with computers (like going in to the program's writing and changing this and that; so peoples explanations i've read on the forum don't make much sense to me).

Can someone put this in to plain english for me to understand what I'm doing wrong. I'm so frustrated I'm tempted to just download and pay for a new version of the game. But I have a character that I really enjoy playing as and have a decent career with. I want to get the new version and transfer the character and my current progress to the new version. Is this possible?

Sorry for the long post. Thanks for your help in advance! :)
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Re: Please Help!!!! update to newest version

Postby manutoo » 10 Nov 2009, 07:04


to install a new version, you have to install it over your current version, in the same directory.
Normally, the setup should automatically detect what is your current game directory, and install everything over it. (on Windows ; on Mac OSX, you have to transfer manually your license key & Profiles subfolder)

If for some reason it doesn't work, then you have to manually locate your current directory and install over it.

Your saved games are in the "Profiles" subdirectory, you can backup all of it & restore all of it to keep all your saved games.

And you don't need to buy the game again ; if you need to reinstall your license key, just follow the instructions in the email you got when you bought the game at 1st.
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