Help? [DevMode * / Keys on a laptop]

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Help? [DevMode * / Keys on a laptop]

Postby Zion101 » 26 Aug 2016, 04:52

I turned on DevMode, and in the game I am trying to speed up the match. On a desktop you usually press the * or / to go faster or slower respectively, but which buttons do you press on a Mac? Sorry if it's a stupid question haha.

Re: Help?

Postby manutoo » 26 Aug 2016, 07:39


if you have a "function key + some keys" that emulates the keypad, you can try that, but I'm not sure the game will detect these key presses correctly.
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Re: Help? [DevMode * / Keys on a laptop]

Postby Zion101 » 27 Aug 2016, 19:19

Thanks for the reply and editing the title (I wasn't sure what to call it haha). I tried the "fn" key with every button, and it does not seem to work so I will guess that my Mac just doesn't have the capability of a numberpad on a desktop. Thanks for you help anyway!

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