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Tennis Elbow 2009 Mac 1.0c

Postby manutoo » 03 Sep 2009, 07:17


Tennis Elbow 2009 Mac v1.0c is released (Build 38-2009.9.3) : ... [Permanent direct download link to the latest version]

/!\ Updating: when you update to a newer version, you have to transfer the "Profiles" subfolder from your previous TE2009's directory to the new installation folder to keep your saved games.

New Features :
- New Strike Styles : 1 Service, 2 Forehands
- Animation : Legs are correctly animated when doing a strike on the run..!! :dance:
- Animation : New Anims for the Return of Serve Waiting
- 1 New Racket
- 4 New Gestures : Jump & Cheering Fist when winning a point, Hit Forehead & Silly! when losing a point
- Sound : 2 new Crowd Behaviors => Disappointed & React on a Ball that touches the Net
- World Tour : can set any player to CPU or Human control before each match, so one of your friend could take the control of your double partner or your opponent
- Modding : Cam Settings can now be loaded from the Court.ini, allowing easier share of new courts with a custom camera angle ; see "Data\HowToMod.html" for more details

Changes :
- Gameplay : Jump Bonus at Net raised for Puncher, Varied & Counter Styles, so it's more interesting to pick them
- Gameplay : Low Volleys done with B1 are a bit deeper & a very little bit faster when prepared early with high volley skills
- Gameplay : Short Strike speed lowered when Power is around 0%
- Gameplay : slightly raised the anti ball difficulty, and the counter bonus when playing a strike with 2 Hands
- Animation : if started a strike that shows the slice animation (ie: slice or dropshot) and then change to another type of strike, the animation will morph to the normal strike style ; and vice versa from normal to slice animation
- Animation : Sampras Server (1/3) tuned a bit
- AI : CPU player now rushes the net a bit better & volley globally a bit better (*)
- Online : CPU serves a bit faster
- Stats : missed passing-shots before the volleyer touched the ball now count as a successful net approach

Bug Fixes:
- Doubles : Serve Left/Right sensitivity is now the same than in Singles
- Doubles : CPU tries now to catch the ball when receiving a sliced serve on the line
- Online : a little bunches of fixes that should hopefully lead to less Desync in Online Doubles, but also maybe in Online Singles & in Match Replay ; thanks to let me know if you notice any improvement or not
- Point Replay : Animation Blending Fixed
- AI : the CPU player wasn't using his jump ability at the net, this is now fixed (*)
- Double Match Record : demo filename is now correctly renamed at the end of the match

Notes :
- Changelog of previous versions is here : topic15-2214.php
- as usually, if you notice any glitch or bug, thanks to report them !
- (*) The CPU Volleyers are back..!! :dance: With these 2 points the CPU now volleys a lot more efficiently, and although CPU Volleyer is still likely the easiest style to beat, it shouldn't be too easy anymore... :)
- Because of the new animation style when doing a strike on the run, it is now possible to touch some ball that you couldn't touch before ; this kind of strike will always lead to a fault, either a poor ball on the side or in the net, so globally it doesn't change the gameplay, it just changes some Winners into Errors in the Match Stats
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