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Career Question

Postby iopzzza » 13 Mar 2016, 00:07

Hello guys. I am starting a new career now on pro 10,but i wanted to ask , some of the more experienced offline world tour players. I've played career before on both pro and master difficulty , but i always cant sustain my starting stats. How to do that , for example how much tournaments to play i am wondering... how much to rest. Shall i do like real pros ? Masters , SLams + 4 atp 500 ?, or what . Please , explain someone if you can :) , In case , this time i want to start as varied , but for varied i need net skills also.
I am afraid that at certain point , my net skills are going to drop much and i wont be effective at the net, because you know i also hae to train stamina , speed ,service , forehand , backhand and that makes it complicated. :D
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Re: Career Question

Postby manutoo » 14 Mar 2016, 00:11


when you lowly ranked, the most simple way to do is to play every week and take a 1-week break every time you have ~50 XP available.
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